Monday, September 25, 2006

Holy Roller

We had an exciting development in the kitchen this morning. Lillian rolled over during diaper duty - twice. I guess this means we've exited the stage of placing the babies on a quilt on the countertop for this job. Look out, knees, here comes the floor.

After a nice weekend, I'm excited go back to work. That's a good sign about my job, I guess.

We took the girls up to the NICU, where they’d spent their first month of life. Finally, we delivered the giant basket of candy and "thank you" note. The nurses who were there were pretty excited to see how big the girls had become. Breanna was sleeping when we arrived, and was still covered up. We took Lillian out and everyone thought she was Breanna. Then when we unveiled Breanna, the nurses were all shocked to see how much both girls have grown. Yay!

DW and I worked through house plans last night, and I admit, it's getting kind of fun. The house is turning out to be bigger and bigger each week. I told him that we'd better just start building it before we find more ways to expand. Considering how much the price of materials has recently dipped, we're probably going to start building this fall still instead of waiting ‘til spring. Yuck for weather, but yay for more space!

It will be nice to be able to move in this spring. Our plan is to enter (and win) the Parade of Homes in May. And then move in the next week. It's starting to get more exciting now that we're actually crunching numbers and such.

I hear babies stirring, so I'd better finish up, warm up milk, and get the house up and out the door for the day. Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Double Digits

It's official - Lillian has finally surpassed 10 pounds! We went to the doctor for a checkup and the second set of immunizations yesterday. Lillian weighed 10 pounds, 10 oz. and Breanna was 13 pounds, 8 oz. Wow! No wonder my back gets tired when I hold them both sometimes.

Both girls had good reports from the doctor - he said we shouldn't change anything because they're doing great. That's what I like to hear!

The poor girls had a tough day after receiving their shots, though. They had a tough evening and night, too. Which means we all slept about 2-3 hours at most. Needless to say, DW and I are both exhausted today. We kind of took shifts with the girls, and he mostly had Breanna and I had Lillian. One of the rare times when Lillian was asleep, I heard Breanna making all kinds of "buh buh buh" sounds. I looked up and realized that DW had her sitting up on his lap next to me in bed. He said that as soon as he set her down she'd cry. She just wanted to sit, look at him, and talk. And sweet daddy that he is, he just let her talk away.

Tomorrow I am heading down to Mankato for a client event, which means 10 hours in the car or so. I'm hoping my colleague who's driving doesn't mind me taking a great big long nap. Somehow, I kept being drawn back to Mankato for work - not sure what the connection is there yet, but I sure am familiar with the different routes there.

This weekend, DW and I are going to spend some time together for a change. We've missed just being together as a family as our schedules have been colliding like crazy. We'll hopefully just hang out in pajamas and maybe even cook something if the girls give us a break. Gosh, do I ever miss cooking.

Well, off I go. My hair is nearly dry, the babies are waking up, and it's almost time to head in to the office. Happy Thursday, everyone!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I've found the most wonderful inventions for parents. Things that have made my life so much easier include Dr. Brown's bottles, Tiny Love mobiles, a wipe warmer, a bottle warmer, and my favorite - Bumbos.

In case you haven't heard of the latter, Bumbo seats are great little chairs for babies. They're made of a dense foam and are formed so that baby is supported - without having to have mastered sitting yet. The support is in all the right places.

Lillian loves sitting in her special little chair. In the mornings when I get ready for work, I bring the chair into the bathroom and set it on the counter in front of the mirror. Lillian babbles and coos at her cute little friend in the mirror. Breanna usually stays in bed, so it's pretty fun to have that morning time with Lil.

I'd heard a lot about Bumbos from other moms of multiples. I'm on the bandwagon now, too. It's a great way to keep baby occupied without having her on her back (and worrying about getting a flat head). At 40 bucks a pop, I thought these other moms were nuts. But now I want to go out and get a second one. We'll see. Breanna likes sitting in it, too.

The other thing that has really made my life easier since the babies arrrived is my family. With DW working so much, I seriously don't think I would've survived. My darling sis picked up the girls from daycare today and watched them for a couple of hours so I could do a work thing. Because of single parenting, I've had to miss out on a lot of work social things - volleyball games, bonfire parties, etc. But tonight, I got to indulge and bond a little bit with my new colleagues, thanks to my sis. I sincerely hope for an opportunity to repay her someday.

For the Love of Socials

Last night, several friends/former colleagues stopped in for a visit. Most of them had not yet seen the babies, and I figured that with DW still out of town, this would be a good week to invite a bunch of lady friends over. As the living room filled with bright, witty writers, I was reminded of how much I've missed socializing.

I've spent numerous hours on my favorite website,, over the past year. It's a bunch of forums for parents with twins or triplets to interact. Anyone can post a topic and then people respond with their real-life experiences, advice and support. It's been an amazing source of information for me.

One of the topics that came up recently was the loss of friends. Not as in death, but as in abandonment once the babies arrive. Sadly, I was able to relate easily. While a few friendships have grown stronger recently, many have quickly faded. I figured that it might happen with those friends who aren't parents, but that doesn't seem to be a factor at all. Some of my longest friends, some with kids of their own, have pretty much dropped out of sight, not returning calls, not checking in.

Maybe it sounds like I'm pitying myself, but really, I don't think that's quite it. It's more of a realization of change, an acceptance of how life never idles in the same spot for long. I'm sure it's not intentional on my friends' part, but it saddens me to know that the comfort in some friendships will never return.

DW and I talked about this topic on the phone last night at midnight, when I was rocking Breanna to sleep. (Yes, she stayed up until midnight!) He's noticed a similar trend with some of his dearest friends. We've agreed that it can't be anything personal, but that it's sad nonetheless. We're looking forward to getting to know the new people who are entering our lives. Maybe the new friendships will be easier as people know us as parents from the start.

I asked DW if I seem different - if something I've said or done has pushed friends away. He swears I haven't become a grouch or one of those who only talks about babies (though you'd never tell that based on the content of my blog). He's convinced that it's a combination of people not wanting to "bug" us when they know we're busy with new babies, and people not being able to relate and thus just avoiding us. Whatever it is, life is changing, and I'm becoming much more thankful for the few-and-far-between social opportunities.

To those who are still actively in my life, I thank you for your friendship. To those who've faded into noncommittal blog readers, thanks for the memories. I invite you to remain in my life and know that you're treasured.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Smiley Peaches

This will be quick, but I just had to share this photo from this weekend. The girls and I relaxed at my folks' house with family coming and going all weekend long. On Saturday, I dressed Breanna and Lillian in peach for the first time. Reading their faces, I think it's safe to say they like their new outfits. I love being a mom.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A third of a year old already

My, has time flown. My babies are four months old already and are getting easier and easier. Not easy, but easier.

Life has been really busy, and I haven't even had time to write, and that makes me a little sad. That said, life has also been kind of fun. I've been bonding with my little family of four and really enjoying all the sweet noises coming from Breanna and Lillian. I've also loved hearing DW singing to the girls and playing, and especially, getting them to laugh.

Now that DW has returned from his long week away from home, we've sure enjoyed being together. The old saying "Absence makes the heart grow stronger" (or is it fonder?) keeps coming to mind. DW's been quite helpful with the babies (as he usually is), but he's also been a bit more conscientious about the house. He has emptied the dishwasher, washed some bottles, even helped fold laundry. Maybe he's just kissing up after raining on my weekend plans, but maybe not. He might actually get it.

I picked up a nasty cold over the weekend - first cold in ages - and it has just added to my exhaustion. I think that months of being run down has finally taken its toll. Thankfully, DW is babying me a bit. Even in the middle of the night - though I do have to shove him pretty hard to wake him up because he has a knack for tuning out babies while he sleeps. The cold is going away and so far, the babies haven't picked it up from me. We're all keeping our fingers crossed.

We've taken the girls out together a few times recently. Those front packs are great for quick trips to Target or for a walk around the neighborhood. DW even helped me find some new khaki pants and it was kind of fun. I don't always appreciate his bluntness, but in the case of pants, honesty is good. At least he's learned that phrasing is key - "Your butt looked much smaller in the last pair." or "Those don't look as comfortable." or "These ones are sexy - get these and don't even consider saying no." Much better than "Those ones make you look fat."

While we were shopping on Monday, one lady walked by and said, "Wow, you have your hands full." I smiled sweetly and replied, "Yes, but better full than empty." DW gave me a low five behind the pants rack and whispered, "Nice comeback." Apparently he's also getting sick of strangers feeling the need to tell us over and over and over again that we must have our hands full.

DW is heading back up north for another building project (!) tomorrow, so I'm going to drive to my folks' house for the weekend. I hope for a chance to take a nap while I'm there. How pathetic is that - that's my main goal for the weekend. To get a nap. Well, that, and visit with some friends and family who haven't met our girls yet.

Anyway, I am ready for the weekend. Don't get me wrong - I really like my new job and going to work each day. The only downfall I've found, though, is that I have to get up so darned early to make it there on time. Oh well, I really need to zip it. Life is wonderful and am so very thankful for all the blessings around me.