Thursday, August 21, 2008

In Case of Memory Failure

I just have to write down some of my favorite silly pronounciations I hear from the twins in case I ever forget. With this overworked brain, I have to wonder what kind of shape it will be in a decade from now.

Sounds like...Translates to

gee gee gock...where's your sock?
Papa Teeb...Grandpa Steve
boda beans... green beans
amawna...what Breanna calls herself
Baby Dot...Baby Grant (Breanna's version)
Baby Dant...Baby Grant (Lillian's version)
Daddy tuck...Daddy's truck
timming tuit...swimming suit
hah hah hands...wash my hands

We had a really good night tonight - a nice way to end the workweek of single parenting. All the kiddos enjoyed the community tub and we all laid on the floor and read books for the last half hour of awake time. The girls even let me go into their mouths to scrub after their attempts at good teethbrushing. And then Breanna dunked her toothbrush into the toilet. Good thing the dishwasher sanitizes toothbrushes along with everything else.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend, too. I'll be celebrating the birthdays my mom and my cousin Billy, as well as myself this weekend at the lake. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Day to Sneeze Away!

I'm beat, and while I realize it's nearly midnight and I should just go hit the sack, I am invigorated to see that I suddenly have a wireless connection in my dining room. Our cable company won't be here to hook us up for real until Friday between 10 and 12.

This weather is sucking the life right out of me, and yet, I think I'm stuck with it. Thankfully my DH and my DD (Daddy Do) hooked up our central air on Friday. The amount of my sneezing and eye scratching has signficantly lightened up, and I'm much more comfortable. I'm still not enthused about having to walk outside to get to my van and then unload at daycare and then walk across the giganto parking lot at work. Fresh air smesh air - I want a steady 72-74-degree environment with no allergens. The way I see it, if I have to be outside in the summer, I should at least be in a lake. If I have to wear clothes and pretend to like the weather, it just feels wrong in so many ways.

We're heading to the cabin for birthday weekend on Friday and I am so excited to get in the water (first time all summer!). Now about finding my swimsuit- that might be a mighty big challenge. Thankfully it's clearance season already. Not only do I need to find a swimsuit, but I also still haven't come up with "the perfect gift" for my mom and my cousin, Unc'a Billy. Ideas, anyone who knows both or either of them?

I had a pretty nice workday today. In my evenings after everyone has gone off to bed, I've been preparing for my first real presentation for my new job. I pitched a technology task force to the Bishop and the rest of our executive board today. Complete with website/email/scheduling software/intranets/online newspaper/tools for communicating with parishes and schools, I gave a pretty in-depth talk about all the things we need to fix in the immediate future. I thought it was going to be much more challenging - I'm many decades younger than all other other directors, and this is the church, after all. But all my prep work and note jotting paid off and everyone is not only on board, but down-right excited to get this going. Some have even offered some of their staff to get it done - some of the self-proclaimed nerds. It's great to have some enthusiasm behind this, and at the end of the meeting, Bishop made a comment that perhaps we can shift some budget dollars so that I get a whole bunch more to work with in order to really do this right.

After work today, I picked up the kiddos, who were particularly silly. The girls are developing joking mannerisms like their dad already. They've picked up on how it's funny to talk about Daddy's van and Mommy's t'uck. As soon as they say it, they halt and wait, eyebrows perched, to hear you correct them. Lillian is enjoying saying that every animal says "moo," and then giggling like crazy when you correct her. Breanna is talking about 1, 2, 4, 5, leaving out the 3 just to be silly. They're learning up a storm, with talk of colors, moon and stars, animals, neighbor kids' names, and more. It's so fun to see stuff click in their busy little minds.

Grant is growing like crazy, too. We had him in at the clinic on Friday morning to get his new cold checked out and he weighed in at 17 pounds, 4.5 ounces at just under 6 months. Holy cow. Literally. He is rolling all over, sitting up, and even starting to push himself across the room as he lies on his back. He's so strong for being such a young guy! And of course, his dimple is adorable as ever. I have a hard time figuring out his eyes still - greenish/brownish, I guess. I hope it figures itself out before he needs his drivers license. He's still getting up to eat at least once each night (which is probably why he's so big, in my opinion), so we've started the weaning process just a little bit. Oh, how I miss sleeping for hours in a row.

That said, my bed is calling my name more and more loudly. I don't want it to wake up the kiddos, who are momentarily all quiet. Goodnight moon, stars, water, ducks, and Mommy's hot owie no no (a.k.a. my computer - as in don't touch it because it is hot and you'll get an owie).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy Hooray

It's a Holy Day tomorrow. That means that instead of working, I'll spend an hour at mass and then have the rest of the day for vacation. Not that I'll be vacationing, by any means. But I will be able to unpack in peace (translate: kids will be in daycare). Yayyyyyyy!

We've been in the Pretty House for nearly a week now and are starting to enjoy it. My DH went back to Fargo on Tuesday and will return tonight. He's going to continue with the Tuesday - Thursday commute at least through the end of the month.

The kitchen is mostly unpacked, although most of the condiments are still in the fridge in Fargo. That it makes it tough for the Condiment Queen to rule. The girls are missing their "dunk," so we've been using a jar of spaghetti sauce to satisfy the obsession.

Our makeshift shades are up in the girls' rooms (i.e. cardboard) and I've hung a shower curtain in my bathroom with a string of random peach satin ribbon. In other words, we're living a bit like hillbillies, but no one would know unless I invited them in (which I won't be doing until after this weekend).

The long weekend looks promising for some fun. My folks are coming tomorrow to help unpack - all day. We're bound to accomplish something. Our cul-de-sac is having a block party on Saturday. And on Sunday, the Greek Orthodox church in Saint Cloud is having its parish festival, complete with dolmades and baklava, music and dancing. I'm crossing my fingers that my dear cousin, Unc'a Billy, will be able to join us. He's half-Greek and loves the culture.

I'm sure the kiddos will enjoy it, too. Lillian loves dancing to "nu-nick" and Breanna loves to try new food. Grant (Baby Dot, Lilli still says), well, he just likes to smile at everyone - especially since his second tooth arrived yesterday.

We're still swirling in the toilet bowl of chaos, but at least we're having fun.

P.S. We still don't have internet at home - thus the lack of blog entries. It looks like our new neighborhood doesn't have much for service options yet. Maybe our neighbors can offer some insight at the block party. Right in town - no Qwest high-speed. Grrrr. High-speed cable starts at $80/month. Double grrrr.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Closing Day

It's finally here - closing day on The Pretty House.

Before that, though, I will have put in a full, big day already. I have my first real meeting with the Bishop (he's been on vacation since I started, but is back now), during which I will advise him on all the steps we should take to handle an icky situation. Thankfully, it's a situation in which the church isn't in the wrong, but one that we need to address publicly nonetheless.

From there, I'll go to the new house. DH and the girls should be there by then, and my folks will be coming, too. The girls are going to spend the weekend at Gramma Pamma and Papa's house. We'll likely unload for a couple hours, then go pick up Grant and head to the title company to close. And then unload some more, and then go out to dinner with our realtor... our darling realtor who has worked his tail off for us.

Thank goodness today has finally arrived. DH and I both have been getting crabbier and crabbier with one another over the phone, trying to figure out logistics. He's had the twins with him all week, along with the responsibility for packing up a trailer of storage-unit items and collecting VIN numbers and other paperwork-related stuff that I don't have access to here.

I've been doing my full-time work, doing insurance/mortgage/signatures kind of junk galore, as well as tying up some freelance commitments that I still have. Like they say, when it rains, it pours. I'm soaked and exhausted. Seriously, I am so very thankful for good makeup.

My insurance agent from Fargo literally yelled at me this week when I called to cancel our policies. I've given him all my business since 1998 (even when I moved away) and so instead of thanking me, he yelled. Nice.

Oh, and in between all the chaos, Grant's first tooth popped out last Saturday, so he's been showing it off to everybody he sees. Those types of things are what keep me in check. I still love being a mom and a wife above all else that goes on.

P.S. To my loving friends who have been sending emails/voicemails to say hi and check on my corner of chaos, thank you. I apologize for not remaining in touch. Soon things will slow down a little, I'll catch my breath, and then will catch up with you. Thanks again for your kindnesses!