Monday, September 27, 2010

Brown Marbles & Other Cuteness

Baby Grant and I had some pretty awesome bonding time this past week when our dear daycare lady went on vacation. My little honey and I played at parks, bought his first pair of Nike tennis shoes, bought him some jeans just like daddy's (grungy-looking Levis), sampled treat after treat at Sam's Club, shared some decaf pumpkin spice latte, read story after story, played trains, and hunted for rocks that looked like guitars.

The week ended with a family trip to my folks' house up north, where he wanted to hold my hand while I drove. Awww.

While at my parents' house, Grant awoke on Friday night and went wandering through the house. He went upstairs in the dark in the middle of the night to look for me. Little had he realized I was sleeping next to him all night, since DH was not with us. On Saturday, he had his first tiny box of Milk Duds. Later in the weekend, he asked for brown marbles to celebrate him peeing in the toilet (which he's been successfully doing for nearly a year now). It took about 20 minutes of conversation to figure out he calls the Milk Duds marbles.

Little things, but such fond memories. Sure do love this little guy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Happy Yodeler

Miss Breanna has learned a new skill at school. See below:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh, the stories...

So back to preschool we go... kids happy... mom driving all over the place all the time... tall tales tripping off toddler tongues tantalizing the tireless...

I don't want to be so blunt as to say the twins have turned into full-blown liars, because although it is true, I would feel terribly sad if they became embarrassed someday if they were to come across this blog. So I'll gently call what they are doing "storytelling." Their imaginations completely blow me away.

Miss Lillian has resorted to basically lying any time you ask her anything. She doesn't often instigate it, but if you ask her if she's put her socks on yet, and you can see the socks on her feet, she will say she hasn't. If you ask if she just stole her brother's toy and you witnessed it, she will drop it behind her back and innocently say no. All. The. Time.

Not to put all the blame on Miss Lillian, here's another instance. At suppertime on the third day of school, I asked Breanna what happened during her day. She calmly responded with a very realistic story about how her favorite friend Eddie bit her in the arm and had to go to time out and how she didn't get to go outside for recess. When I asked DH if the teacher mentioned anything upon departure that day, he said not a peep was uttered. I asked the teachers on Friday and they roared with laughter. The whole tale was completely tall - and believable.

And then comes Master Grant. Thank goodness he's not lying, but he's certainly showing that same kind of imagination. After a big breakfast on a school morning, we dropped him off at Grandma Barb's for daycare. He started telling her how much he just loves oatmeal. He then asked if she had any and if he could see it. She pulled it out and he asked if he could talk to it. With a chuckle, she said sure. He proceeded to sit down and have a sincere face-to-box discussion, something along the lines of, "Oatmeal, I just love you so much. You make me so happy."

Yep, we're all a little nuts and getting nuttier every day...