Friday, April 16, 2010


As always, my famous last words continue to be a breathy "What a whirlwind!" I think I topped out at a million miles an hour this past month. DH went back to working nights at the factory and building his contracting firm by day. And I launched the biggest (and most public - in some ways) project I've ever had to handle myself. I rebuilt our diocesan website from scratch - with no previous web development experience and no staff with any either. Thank God for my sole employee, Barb, who made it all very attractive and worked side by side with me - many many days and nights - to pull it off well during Holy Week. I also called in a huge favor from a former colleague, sweet Jode, who guided us through the development tool and all our options and as well as handled all the super-techie stuff. We tapped into our official self-proclaimed hack for posing scenarios and testing theories, and thankfully, Tim didn't show his panic too visibly. As sucky as the hours were, it was worth all the work and tears and absolute exhaustion. The site is beautiful, functional, and so-so easy to use. I deem it a huge success.

Now that we've launched and tested, I'm finally going to take a vacation day. I hadn't dared to ask for a day off for fear my boss might just kill me. He has no idea what goes into building a website, but he did make it perfectly clear that I needed to find a way to do it - with no budget - with no staff - with no support - and in a jiffy. Well, now that the site is up and everyone is oohing and aahing, I'm going to gracefully sneak off the radar for a long weekend at the Mothers of Multiples state workshop (which is code for MOMs spa, in my book). There's something mighty therapeutic with surrounding yourself with 400+ other wonder women - with no kids in sight for the whole weekend. Hooray!

Although, with DH working nights and me working days, weekends are our only overlap time, so I am going to miss him a whole bunch. And our three crazy kiddos - well, I'm going to miss them a lot, too. Not single parenting, per se, but their adorable quirks and crazy phrases, for sure.

Breanna's biggies: "supter-de-dupter" and the "puppy-don't-run-away-string" (more commonly called a leash) and when we ask her something she's unsure of, she cleverly retorts "you tell me first"

Lillian's latest: "tell me that in a song instead of just saying it" and "I want to go back inside your tummy and go to sleep, I am so tired" and "who drove Jesus to heaven and what color was the car?"

Grant's greatest: just this morning, we walked into daycare to see Grandma Barb wearing shorts. He checked her out and said, "Nice panties." We, of course, roared. He also replies "green" whenever we ask him a question he's not sure of the answer for, such as "What day is it today?" And he insists on kissing the little children on his angel night light at bedtime, except for last night, when he pretended to eat them, sound effects and all.

But their craziness won't go to waste, as I'm bringing them up to my folks' house tomorrow for a weekend in the woods. That way, their nuttiness will be right at home.