Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some More 2-year-old Doozies

Now that all signs of humidity have departed, we're getting shocks all over the place. Each time the girls get shocks, they off-handedly comment, "Bug bite." And then they go on doing whatever they were doing.

I'd almost forgotton, but with all of our pronounciation focuses, we often get over-pronounciation from the twins. They were excitedly wishing everyone near them, "Happy ne-ude year."

And tonight, as we listened to a music CD that my folks gave Grant for Christmas, one on which the band uses Grant's name throughout the songs, some little kids chimed in on a few songs. Breanna talked about the monkey chips, and I didn't get it right away, but finally realized she was getting at "chipmunks." Sure enough, the next time the kids sang, they sounded an awful lot like monkey chips.

Some call this time the terrible two's, but really, when this kind of stuff is going on, who can't help but smile?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knock it over

As the noisiness was getting louder and the naughtiness getting naughtier, Lillian declared, "Mana, knock it over." After a few more iterations, we realized she was telling Breanna to knock it off. The weekend was full of doozies like that. The twins are realizing the relationship between names and titles, and so I was called Rebecca Mommy a lot this weekend, as well. There were others that I meant to write down, but darn it - I've lost them - hopefully not forever. Since I'm not a baby book kind of gal, this is it. And I'm failing my kiddos in documentation. :(

All weekend long, Grant was walking all over the place, and now that he knows he gets a big reaction, he puts on quite a show. He is still the smiliest kid I've ever seen.

After naptime this afternoon, the girls and I went skating on the pond. It was beautiful out! Breanna was in heaven, laying down and picking up ice shards in her mouth and doing some belly flops into the snowbanks, where she could gobble fresh snow galore. Lillian just wanted to sit on mommy's hip while we would step, step, glide, step, step, glide. The shrill giggle she let loose when we started to spin was fantastic! This pond has been just wonderful! DH and Grant came down to say hi at the very end of our adventure.

It felt great to spend a weekend at home. Even though I traveled to a small writers conference in Fergus Falls for a few hours on Saturday, the main thing is that we didn't have to pack or unpack anything. While our Christmas decor is officially put way now, the snowmen are appropriately still keeping us company. Sounds like we might be seeing a blizzard come our way this week, so that's always kind of fun.

DH has really been going to town on finishing our basement. I was suprised to walk downstairs on Friday and see the fireplace in place - it's really cute. I can hardly wait until we can truly finish unpacking and get settled in already. I just keep reminding myself that I've made it this long, and the end is in sight. No need to freak out. Much, anyway.

By the way, here are some fun photos. Lillian was helping Papa 'tebe shave and Grant was enjoying his bon bon at my folks' place in the woods. The girls also LOVE to climb into the double sinks in our guest bathroom and play with their tiny dollies. The day this photo was taken they were in there for a full hour.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Good Report

Lillian and I are at home today after a quick little operation this morning. She did beautifully. I am so glad I was able to be with her as she went out and came back to.

When the dentist came out to give us the report, she said, "And we didn't even need to do the baby root canals." After she left, DH and I both realized that that was the first we'd even heard about that problem. So, Lillian now has a couple of stainless steel crowns on her bottom molars and everything else is sealed up tight.

I just painted her nails and we're going to enjoy the rest of the day with no other kids to share attention with. Breanna and Grant are at daycare. Let the snuggling begin!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Big Kids

Quick update on the kids after a great visit with our new pediatrician, who we learned is also a daddy and goes to our church, too. Everyone got marvellous reports, especially when he realized the girls are completely potty trained when they're awake.

Breanna - 35.5 inches tall and 31.5 pounds (50th percentile for height, 50th for weight)

Lillian - 34.5 inches tall and 28 pounds (30th percentile for height, 20th for weight)

Grant - 29.5 inches and 21 pounds, 5 ounces (90th percentile for height, 70th for weight)

Hooray for growing kids! Now let the tough appointments begin, starting tomorrow with Breanna at 9:00. Wish us luck!

P.S. While the friendly doctor did not sing the teapot song like Breanna predicted, he did indeed serenade us with a mini rendition of "no more monkeys jumping on the bed." And then he got the girls to help him feed the fish in his aquarium. It was seriously a great visit!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A New Year Begins

Happy 2009! I hope you're rested and rejuvinated after the holiday breaks. We kind of are. As rested as you can be with three under three in the house.

We sent off my dear cousin, Billy, on his big trip to California this past weekend. I bawled after he pulled out of our cul-de-sac after a lovely little visit, but I know that he'll find great things on his journeys.

We also spent some time sledding and skating at home, getting to know our neighbors a bit better. We had an impromptu cocoa and pizza party here Saturday afternoon, and two families came over to join us. What a nice group of people to live near!

Our kids are hilarious and busy as ever, talking more and more. Grant included. The twins are really getting into pictures, and this weekend, we discovered that they can't tell themselves apart in photos. At all. Like, less than 2% accuracy.

And every big-eyed smiling baby, even in the magazines, are all Baby Grant to them. Their pronunciations are still kind of goofy, so we often raise our eyebrows, and then crack up once we realize what they're getting at.

This past weekend, they referred to Dan's shirtless top as his "chest," because as he's explained to them, daddies don't have boobs. The twins don't say "ch" or "s" the greatest, so it sounded like "tits." What???? After about 8 or 9 attempts, and many dirty looks between DH and me, wondering what kinds of terrible language the other has been using in front of the kiddos, we finally realized "chest."

Tomorrow, we take all three kiddos in to a new family doctor for checkups; they're all overdue. We practiced doctor exams tonight, and that's when the girls told us that when they get to the doctor, he'll tell them, "no more monkeys jumping on the bed," (per Lillian) and that he'll sing us the little teapot song (per Breanna). Sounds way more fun than when I go in.

And then Tuesday, the first of many dental procedures will begin for Breanna and on Thursday, Lillian has her surgery. What a crazy week ahead! Please keep us in your prayers - for pain-free, non-traumatic events.

May your first full week into the new year be much less chaotic than ours.