Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Late Night

I awoke at 1:04 this morning to the sound of retching. Poor Miss Lillian was hurling in her crib. Approximately two minutes later, Breanna started in. They are so in sync with each other it often scares me.

Two buckets, four showers, six bedding changes, eight footie pajama changes, and many hours later, we all made it back to bed for close to two hours. Until we started all over again at a little after 5 o'clock. By that time, DH had decided to go to the job site and get his project set up for his workers so that he could stay home with the girls during the day. He returned at a little after 7, when Breanna was just falling back to sleep. I got ready and headed off to work.

Needless to say, the day improved for DH and the girls as the day progressed. Lillian even graduated to jelly toast for supper. And now for some downtime and hopefully a long, sleepful night. Sweet dreams, all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Crap of Cancer

Our 6-year-old nephew, Connor, has been battling leukemia for a couple years now. And after numerous hospital stays in the last month alone, he went into emergency surgery this morning. I haven't heard an update since. His Caring Bridge site is

And my TEC friend, Nathan, is battling cancer as well. He's only been married a year. His site is

My friend through osmosis, Amy (I've never actually met her, but I know her sister, Jean from What's for Dinner), is also battling leukemia. I don't know of any website, but I get updates from time to time from Jean. She's been struggling with cataracts that have developed as a side effect to some of her cancer treatments.

These three cancer cases have touched me. Please keep the patients in your prayers. And pray that a cure is found soon. The battle is one that young people should not have to even think about, much less suffer through.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sling - a - Ling -Ding

Have you ever heard of Moby wraps? My friend Crystal introduced me to them at a little pre-holiday open house a couple weeks ago. They're baby slings that appear to be quite awesome. I'm putting one on my Christmas list.

Crystal has two little boys who were born a week or so after my girls - even earlier than the girls. And she and I both come from the ad agency world. And both love high heels. And both have beautiful hair. And are both master goddesses when it comes to juggling family and career.

She showed me how to use the Moby on Breanna, and I was shocked that Breanna just hung out, cool with being confined. The bonuses of versatility: you can wrap twins and carry them up to 40 pounds. And - drum roll please - you can nurse a baby while you walk around and no one knows. I can't wait to try one with the new baby! I'm going to see if we can even get away with not having to buy a triple stroller - instead just keeping the girls in our double and using the Moby for Baby C.

Check these babies out - This is my new favorite find since BabyLegs. Yay for cool products!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter Welcome

I just arrived home from my shift at the Giving Tree at the mall and slid all over the place. Our first snow of the season and it's beautiful outside! I donned the pimp coat and big red mittens and felt so festive, I even decided to stop at the grocery store for muffins.

Our Thanksgiving was lovely, very mellow and relaxed. The rest of the weekend followed suit. I even wore velvety lounge pants one day and got to visit Newzgirl a bit.

We officially welcomed winter at the festival on Friday. It was pretty brisk out, and there was even some wind. The girls were well bundled in BabyLegs (legwarmers), denim overalls, snowpants, winter coats, hats, mittens, scarves and boots. We plunked them into the stroller and a wassailing we went. The fest was just as romantic as I'd remembered from past years. People caroled, cocoa and cider were sipped, bonfires crackled, lights twinkled, sleigh rides glided by, and kids laughed all over the place.

Lillian was the social butterfly of the evening, blowing kisses to pretty much anyone she made eye contact with. Breanna just took it all in, singing along from time to time. After a healthy supper of corndogs, cookies, cider, juicebox, and donut holes, the girls were pretty tuckered out. We decided to go back to the car just a little bit before the fireworks began. As we walked, the snow began to flutter down softly.

At the car, when I pulled Lillian out of the stroller, her boots got stuck in the leg holes. Being bulky in a pimp coat (plus being pregnant), I was less than graceful in jostling her out of her seat. Once I finally buckled her into her car seat and pushed up her hat so she could see, I realized she was sound asleep. Out cold. I had to check to make sure she hadn't frozen to death, but she softly snored away. Miss Breanna fell asleep on the way back to Grandma's and Grandpa's house.

Now that the girls have had a good dollop of outdoor freedom, I think we may be in trouble. They sure enjoyed the fresh air throughout the rest of the weekend. Winter, here we come!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heading Home

To all of my Lake Country friends, I really hope to see you at the Nisswa City of Lights festival on Friday night.

DH and I are heading to my folks' house in Lake Shore tonight for the long weekend. He's coming back to town tomorrow with my sister and brother-in-law, but the girls and I are staying through Sunday.

And Friday night, we're going to introduce the girls to a wonderful small-town tradition. The little Normal Rockwell town just a few miles up the road from my folks' house is overflowing with festivals. The one on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving is my favorite. All the little shops (that's the only kind of shopping there is - boutique-land) light up their storefronts at dusk and put out little luminaries.

An oom paa band plays just a short distance from the huge bonfire at town square. And of course, carolers sing, hot cocoa flows, everybody's cheeks turn pink, fireworks paint the sky, and Christmas season begins. This year, the girls are big enough to come with. I have the snowpants packed and all the warm goodies, so we're almost ready to go.

In my last free hour before I pick them up from daycare today, I'm going to post my wish to you all for a lovely Thanksgiving. Then I'm going to pack clothes for DH and me, and load the car. When he walks in, we're hittin' the road.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And if you're out and about in Lake Country this weekend, give me a call. I'm feeling particularly social this week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Midnight Parade of Firemen

To satisfy Mrs. RadWag's curiosity, here's the promised story about how we wound up with three firemen in our apartment at midnight on a Sunday.

At about 11 o'clock, I took the final step in my bedtime routine. After teeth were flossed and brushed, hair combed, face washed, contacts out, jammies on, chapstick applied, I went to check on the girls.

I opened the door to their room only to be assaulted by the pungent odor of eggs. I literally took a step backwards and shook my head. DH had just climbed into bed and I made him get up to come smell. As he rolled his eyes at his pregnant, smell-sensitive wife, he appeased me by getting up.

As he neared the door, he agreed. There's definitely something rotten. So, naturally, we checked diapers. Nothing. And then we remembered that natural gas is supposed to smell like eggs. We whisked our sleeping babies out of the room, investigated a little more, still found nothing, and then called the local PD.

We were baffled, as DH explained to the dispatcher. We don't have any gas appliances. Nor do we have food in the bedrooms. Nor are the girls gassy. She reassured him that he made the right call and urged him to get us out to the car ASAP.

Quickly, we bundled the girls and as we opened our front door, the parade of firemen were coming our way. At 12:05, three firemen came in with fancy little handheld detectors. They checked all over the place and came up with nothing. In the meantime, since the door to the bedroom had been open for about an hour by then, the smell had somewhat dissipated. Not completely, but enough so that the firemen said they didn't smell anything. We still smelled it.

After they reassured us that there was nothing to worry about and that we should call any time we smell anything funny and that they're glad we called that night, we put the girls back in our bed and decided to investigate ourselves.

I smelled all the outlets - maybe some neighbor's cooking was leaching into our space. Nothing. I checked the patio door. Nothing eggy outside. DH checked the toy box - no melting toys or rotting snacks. Nothing whatsoever.

So we went to bed, and when I poked my head back into the room about an hour later I got up to potty the first time, I still smelled it with certainty. When I got up the second time, about 4, for yet another potty break, the smell was completely gone.

Strange all the way around. Someone suggested one of the girls most likely ripped a gigantic fart. But we're still not convinced. So, we 're on the lookout for the real story, both doubtful we'll ever know it.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Thankfully we women know how to communicate. Otherwise I'm certain we'd all be dead - from killing one another out of sheer frustration. My daughters just laid down for a little nap after a super-quick outing this afternoon. We'd just arrived at WalMart and taken our coats off and were heading to the back of the store, when DH called, stating he had an emergency.

Of course, I immediately thought Emergency Room. He quickly went on to say that he needed me to go into his work email account and find an email from a vendor and look up the specs on the top of the PDF. He wanted me to verify the dimensions of a window.

I calmly explained that we'd just arrived at WalMart and were planning to pick up a few groceries and some laundry detergent. And that it had taken me 45 minutes to get out of the house. He asked if we'd filled the cart yet. Not yet. OK, great, then would I mind loading the girls back into the car, rushing home, going up down up down up down the stairs until we made it inside, and then calling him once I found the email.

Grrrrr. Being a nice wife, that's just what I did.

Another Saturday with the Kiddos

The weeks seem to get longer and more tiring. My DH and I were wild and crazy last night. After the girls went to bed, we brushed and flossed and climbed into bed and the ripe old time of 8:30.

He left to go out to the house at about 7 this morning, and I got up with the girls at 7:10, and thankfully I feel refreshed. The girls don't seem quite so refreshed.

So far, we've changed pants, gotten dressed, brushed teeth, made and eaten waffles and monterrey jack slices and a fresh pear and bacon (and a cup of decaf coffee for mom), sorted the laundry, found mom's knitting needles and proceeded to poke one another with them, unsorted half the laundry, stripped the bed and cribs and put on clean sheets, played ring around the rosie, sung the ABCs (three times), loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up from breakfast, changed messy pants, and snapped and unsnapped overalls about a dozen times.

I hope Breanna isn't showing a preview to the career path she seems destined to. She sings, dances, and strips off her clothes every chance she gets. Tonight I'm going to start pinning the zipper on her jammies before bed so she doesn't wake up cold and wearing only a diaper.

Anyway, it's almost 9. The first snow of the season is peacefully floating through the air. The girls are yawning and I'm ready for a shower. This all adds up to only one thing: it's nap time. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

And now... part 3

Today is the first day of my third trimester of pregnancy. Where the heck did the first two go?

On Tuesday, I had another great OB appointment. DH was working out at the new house, so I went alone for the first time. The first thing the doctor said, "Did you leave your chatterbox at home?" I told her I thought I'd save both her and me some time. And, boy, was it ever quick without him there.

Everything is still looking terrific. I've gained three more pounds in the past month, which is a little low overall, but nothing to worry about. The doc and I both are convinced it's because of all the fruits and veggies I eat. Do you realize how good pears are this time of year? I eat one every day and they're just wonderful! And our girls love them too.

She asked me when was the last time I ate chips, and again, I had no idea. Apparently, the fact that I don't munch on chips and salty snacks just baffles her. She even teases a little bit. I did enjoy a grilled cheese with tomato slices and a side of french fries (with salt) at lunchtime today, so I felt a little more mainstream.

Now when it comes to sugar, that's a whole different story. I won't even get started down that road.

To celebrate feeling great in my third trimester, I'm going to get ready for bed early and maybe even read in bed a little bit. Cheers!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Free Day Ahead

The girls are finally napping (whew!) and I'm finally taking a break. OK, technically they're not sleeping yet - I still hear them. But they ARE going to take a nap, darn it, because I need a break today. What a long Saturday - starting from 7:15, they've gone strong til just now.

I am continually in awe of stay-at-home moms (and Dads - cheers Josh and Looky Daddy). Talk about exhausting! And I can't imagine how they get anything done whatsoever. I hope it's a little different for them, with opportunities to monkey-proof a bit.

In our little rental, the kitchen is smaller than even the one in my very first apartment, an efficiency, no ess. This means that we don't have the luxury of keeping the junk drawer out of reach. Or the coffee pot or magic bullet or kitchen garbage can. Or any of the other stuff that I don't want them getting into. Oh, what I wouldn't give for handles on our cupboards or a wide-enough baby gate to keep them out of the kitchen.

Even cooking the smallest things is such a chore because I'm constantly pushing the girls back out of the kitchen. As soon as one is out, her sister comes in and goes to a different drawer or cupboard. If it were just the hassle of cleaning up a strewn-about tupperware cupboard, I'd have no problem. But I don't want them to cut themselves on a can lid from the garbage. Or break the coffee pot. Or taste test the dish soap. The battle is constant, but at least it's only when I'm in there. I suppose I should be flattered that they want to be with me.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post has run away from me. What I really wanted to say was "Yippee - I'm taking a free day on Monday!" I'm not going to work in honor of Veteran's Day. But shhh, I'm not telling daycare. After I drop off the girls, I'm going to go back to bed for an hour or two. Then I'm going to load my trunk with stuff for Goodwill and am going to drop it off. Then I'm going to Don's Car Wash for the works. Inside and out.

And then, I'm going to start the first step in my adventure of finding a bigger vehicle. Since I don't think I've even driven an SUV in the last 5 years, I foresee a lot of test driving ahead. Wish me luck. I already have a line in mind to keep the sales vultures from preying. My mother from down south is moving up here later in the winter and needs a small SUV that will fit three car seats. So, I'm just sampling a few way in advance to help her narrow down the market. Let's see if it works.

If I still have time left over after all that, I'll begin the chore of tarping our furniture in the second stall of the garage to protect it from whatever might come our way this winter.

To the veterans in the audience, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your sacrifices. I appreciate the freedom to have the wonderful life that I have, all thanks to the heroic efforts of our soldiers who ensure that freedom.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Very Brave Night

Being a renter sucks. Even though it's short-term, I can't say enough how much I miss living in my own home.

I'll fill you in on the bizarre adventure that ended with three firemen in our place at midnight on Monday at a later time.

Tonight after work, we had a different experience. I pulled into the driveway, hit the garage door opener, and nothing happened. So, I parked, turned off the car, locked the girls inside, and went inside to unlock the man door and hit the opener from the inside. Total darkness. No power.

Dumb me, I didn't think to run upstairs and see if we had power in the apartment before taking the girls out and getting them all the way to the top of the steps. Everything's a game, you see, so it's up three steps, down four, up a couple, down one. Poke your sister, grab your hood, try to touch the railing, and up and down a few more steps. After about 10 minutes of dancing and holding my pee, we finally get to the top, just in time for me to race into the bathroom and hope the girls are inside the door before the heavy door slams shut. Dang pregnancy bladder. This is our routine every evening.

Anyway, we got to the top tonight, with me doing a full-blown potty dance, and then realized there's no power. Great. So I peed fast and back down the steps we went. And up a few steps then down a few more... we finally made it out the car, got everyone buckled in, and called the landlord. While she was worrying about trying to figure out the problem, I was worried about the logistics of feeding the girls.

DH was working late (a given these days), so I racked my brain about double-stroller-friendly restaurants. To the mall food court we went. Once inside the mall, I realized that nothing whatsoever sounded good. No matter what we'd order, I'd still have to balance it on top of the stroller and then find a table near highchairs. So we decided to go to Grizzly's - a real restaurant across the mall. I just wanted to be served.

Until tonight, I've never been brave enough to take both girls to a real restaurant without another adult to help. But today, we did it. Though I barely squeezed in a few bites for myself, the girls ate fabulously! They had mac and cheese, fresh pineapple, watermelon, and strawberries, and a lot of samples of my food. I had a side salad (they ate my raw onions, cukes, tomatoes, most of the croutons, and some of my lettuce), a cup of chicken tortilla soup, and a bread stick. Breanna absolutely loved the spicy soup, while Lillian took one gulp and made the funniest sour face! I walked very tall and proud, pushing the double stroller out the mall to the car. Yay for me!

By the time we returned home, it was well past bedtime, but the power was back. We brushed teeth, changed diapers, put on jammies, and then they crashed. Now it's my turn.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Update on the Medders Family

From posting about kisses moments ago to weeping over my keyboard, what a fast transition. After I left Blogger, I checked a website that I visit daily. It's the blog of the Medders family, who lives right here in Fargo.

With an absolutely broken heart, I write to ask again for prayers for the Medders. This week, the babies were born. Baby D died very soon after birth. Baby B died today. There is one surviving quadruplet, Baby C (Callie) who is still very little and facing a long NICU stay.

Here's their blog.

This is the biggest cry I've had in a long, long time, and the tears continue to fall as I type. To celebrate life and grieve so massively all at once, I'm completely overwhelmed with empathy.

Please pray for this family.

Kiss Kiss

Kisses abound in our household these days. Lillian is kissing her dollies, her bunny, her mittens, her toothbrush, her hairbrush, her sister, and of course, her parents. Breanna is kissing her food before she eats it (every bite), her socks, her dad's socks, her bath toys, her sister, and of course, her parents.

DH and I have been encouraging it, so I guess since we've brought it on, kisses now rain down. We encourage pecks between people. But to clarify, we don't kiss things that can't kiss back. Just one another - on the lips. No tongues. No teeth. No slop. Just pecks. (In front of the kiddos, anyway.)

On Sunday, the girls and I drove out to our new house where DH was working to see if he needed some lunch. Our new small town is so teeny that the only place to eat are a bar/grill and the gas station (which has a miniature selection of Snickers, Combos, and Little Debbie cakes).

As we drove out there, DH called to let me know his folks just "popped in." So we all visited a bit at the job site and then headed to the bar/grill, which was closed. Oh well. My in-laws decided to go along their merry way. As DH hugged them goodbye, he accidentally surprised his mom with a kiss on the lips. They both jumped back and I secretly cracked up! He quickly stuttered something about only kissing his wife lately and was just in automatic mode. I smile even as I write about it.

Might not sound funny if you don't know my in-laws. But they're not exactly huggy, kissy people. "I love you" is not a common phrase in their house. They're not cold or mean or anything, just not openly affectionate. In fact, after DH's first visit to my parents' house, he told me how strange and wonderful it was that both my parents hugged both of us hello and goodbye and goodnight before bed.

The next time we saw his parents, he got on their cases a little about never giving hugs or talking about loving out loud. When they left our house that day, they each gave us a very awkward hug, and have started giving more hugs ever since. They're still quite different from my family's, but I do appreciate their efforts. As long as we don't have to extend the kissing lessons further than our girls, all will be good.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I burned dinner tonight. Distracted by very tired twins, I can't believe I burned the noodles. Not a huge deal, since it was just noodles, and they are only one ingredient - everything else was ready and ok. But boy, it was strange. I felt almost like I was watching someone else rush the pot out to the deck. I never burn food.

More noodles are now on the stove. The rest of the dish is still ready and waiting. What an off night.

I blame daylight savings time. It screws me up every single time, whether it's going backwards or forwards. For the next 3, maybe 4 weeks, I'll be out of whack. So when you see me yawning or stumbling around aimlessly, please be kind.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Beautiful Boots

After years of searching for comfortable, yet heeled ,tall, black leather boots, I finally found a pair. They arrived via USPS today!

Wide enough to allow my bastardly bunion to live happily ever after, they're wonderful! And the heels are spiked - only 2.5 inches, but spiked so they still look sexy. Hooray for boots!

DH says they are "sloh -ay" boots in his terrible fake accent. But I don't care. Now I can wear dresses in the winter again. Not that I have any maternity dresses yet.

Now that I have the boots, though, I'm stocking up on Venus blades and starting my quest for cute dresses. Thankfully, my bump sticks out far enough to obviously indicate pregnancy, so I don't have to worry about just looking lumpy in the middle any more. Yippee for the little things!