Friday, August 30, 2013

Why My Blog Has Become Silent

In the last month, I've been prodded by four different friends from four different areas of my life - why don't you update your blog? In all honesty, I haven't made it a priority because some of my readers are simply too dramatic - Nosy Nellies just can't help themselves but to create waves.

I know it sounds like a cop-out and I don't want to be a blamer. And yet, I just can't stand when people read the words you take the time to think through and share, and then look for nonexistent ulterior motives or other junk like that. Drama drives me crazy, so I do my best to duck out of its way. Call me a chicken - that's ok. I have much better ways to invest my time. I've become much more purposeful with my communications and time. (The family is doing great, by the way.)

I still share my life, but much more in the form of hand-written thank-you notes, private emails, memories in magazines, and facebook status updates that are easily regulated with privacy settings. If you want to be in touch, get a hold of me and let's set up some time to visit.

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